by matt wand

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LABEL: Hot Air CATALOG NUMBER: airtex010
ORPHAN SOCK DRAWER vol.1 (hmmmm sounds a bit like???... Wait! You are FAR too young to remember that ancient harbinger of loungecore fads, empty braggings of "the first album made entirely of samples" and a possibly still unsurpassed sampling masterclass. And thank Wotan for that... You can enter this album with a mind that is clean.
Launched to coincide with the Birth of the long worked upon and talked about HatMonkey app by illustrator & storybook maestro Chris Haughton.. Having worked on the project with Chris for two years a large percentage of the music here was first constructed as backgrounds for the separate scenes.. Well evolution can't be stopped ( tell that to the vicar ) and only certain tracks or snippets and indeed scenes made it into the final version.. Go to the AppStore and search for "hatmonkey"
.. Caveat: only if you are under 6 or have spawned some new tinies that need colourful distraction OR are stuck in a bizarre infantile phase with an unshakeable desire to text a purple cartoon monkey should you do this.
The other tracks are a historical mix.. A couple from online trailers done for Chris's books, some from various live outdoor shows by the masters of morphing garden sheds into giant talking heads Whalley Range Allstars, even earlier synthetic sound bites are out takes from a BBC sci-fi series ( yes... For kids ), some seating arrangements around a clock in a Cumbrian town centre ( hello Andy Plant ), a film exploiting the trials of an unemployed Pirate of the High Seas and something commissioned for a rather spectacular Pyrotechnic display celebrating Stoke-on-Trent's centennial of the combining of its 7 towns. Yes, what looked at the start like a 7 or 8 track EP turned into a compilation of my decidedly 'not avant-garde' musical works straight from the juvenile correction centre.. Listenable stuff ( said someone.. Possibly a pathological liar ) uncomplicated, dare I suggest 'commercial' at least in some sense, a break from the world weary world of The Wire and the constant struggle to find some 'so called' NEW territory to ring fence and defend with bared & ignorant teeth even though that territory was once the home of genial old gents who didn't have a career plan and who certainly didn't give two 'hoot' sound effects if anyone thought it was hip or even happening.
Anyway back to the real world... A physical compact Disc release.. Full Farben, cardboardish gatefoldyness, sleeve art by Mr Haughton ( with slight interference from me ) is promised. Could be another 2 or 3 weeks turnaround.. This is no Kickstarter campaign BUT my promise is that anyone purchasing this download version in advance will be given the opportunity to buy the 'real' CD by merely paying another £3.50.. Free postage worldwide.. The price here on BANDCAMP may well be £7.50 or a staggeringly decadent kidney shaped swimming pool funding £8!!!! Hell's Teeth those are MASSIVE SAVINGS only an internet startup millionaire could pass up. Don't.
INCENTIVE ALERT!!!! There are 3 hidden bonus download tracks included .. But only when you put yr hands in yr proverbial paypal pockets... TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY :-)
Yrs, m@w&


released August 27, 2014

Composed, performed, constructed, mixed etc.. Etc. by Matt Wand at Dicky's Skull, Eccles. U.K.



all rights reserved


Small Rocks Eccles, UK

Matt runs the Independent Record Label HOT AIR. He formed the seminal electronic sampling & improvising group Stock, Hausen & Walkman in 1989 and also works under various other pseudonyms, Small Rocks being one.
He has remixed many people ie: Ground Zero, PULP, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Hawkwind, Peter Thomas, Steve Reich, Buffalo Daughter, Lady Miss Kier, Thurston Moore.
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